Masterpiece Society Members -- July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

We're grateful to the following Masterpiece Society members for 2017-2018:


Stephen and Cynthia Anderson*
Jane Davidson*
Keith Waddell and Cindy Waddell*
Tab and Linda Williams*

Don and Robbin Flow*

Bob and Wini Kniejski*

Dr. Eugene Adcock and CarolAnn Adcock*
Todd and Melanie Barbee*
Beth Bealle and Diane Spaugh*
Scot and Pam Buchanan*
Pat and Teresa Gillooly*
John and Vanessa Gist*
Bobby and Amy Lamy*
Patton and Terri Lowe*
Dave and Pat Mazza*
Daniel and Laura Miller*
Randy and Susan Parks*
Dave and Mary Riser*

Russ and Susan Armistead
Burnitt Bealle
Thomas and Frankie Brown
Jeff and Bonnie Coe
Rick and Marcia Cole
Jason and Vaso Ekstein
Brad and Allene Evans
Tim Gallagher and Jeanne Wilkinson
Dorothy Hege
Mike and Gina Miller
Everette and Angie Murphrey
Mike and Pat Parker
Stephen and Ruth Shumaker
Mark Turner
James and Valerie Vizena
John and PJ Williams
John and Joanne Zakon