Super Artist

Adam Lefevre paints in brilliant pops and splashes of color. He’s best known for large scale, abstract pieces – drawing inspiration from numbers, backpacks, technology and superheroes.  

Adam’s artwork is featured in the lobby and hallways of The Enrichment Center, bringing color to life with a happy vibe. His most recent work, an interpretation of his iPhone, is currently on display in our Gateway Gallery.

Adam also paints at Electric Pyramid Studios in Winston-Salem, with guidance from local artist Laura Lashley. His work has been displayed throughout the community, including Allegacy Federal Credit Union, Camino Bakery, DeLurk Gallery, Krankies, Sawtooth School for Visual Art, Winston Starts and Wise Man Brewing. And, he’ll soon have a public art piece in one of the display towers in the Downtown Arts District.

Adam’s talent extends beyond painting. He creates vibrant fused glass pieces, and is a regular performer in Enrichment Center productions. This summer he played one of the guards in A Storybook Tale. Adam also competes in Special Olympics, and is a multi-medal winner in track and field.

Adam’s best friend and fellow Enrichment Center Artist, Corey Williams, describes Adam as “the kindest, sweetest person I’ve ever met.” And that's his most AWESOME superpower!