Steady Hands, Steady Work

Sue DeHart loves making art. Pottery and fused glass are her current favorites. Fairy houses, gnomes and wind chimes have become her specialty. “I have steady hands,” says Sue, “like my dad. It’s hard to do this work if you don’t have steady hands.”

Before joining The Enrichment Center, Sue was bored at home. She didn’t have many activities and didn’t know how to create artwork. But not anymore! A lot has changed in the last three years – now Sue is busy with many activities, and she’s learned how to create and sell her artwork. Earning a commission on art sales is steady work.

“I’m happy and blessed to come to The Enrichment Center,” says Sue. “I’ve met a lot of new friends. Being here gives me goals and accomplishments; being here helps my life.”

Our Pottery Instructor, Susan Keiger, says Sue takes great pride in her work, and is currently learning more about how to get her artwork out into the community.

When she’s not at The Enrichment Center creating art, Sue enjoys spending time with her family – four siblings plus a dozen nieces and nephews – and going out to eat. She also participates in a weekly book club at the YMCA, and water aerobics at the YWCA.

Check out Sue’s artwork the next time you’re in Gateway Gallery – you won’t be disappointed!