Ride 'em Space Cowboy

Mark Malcom has a reputation. Music lover. Foodie. Movie buff. Awesome artist. He’s a star performer in The Enrichment Center’s annual Talent Show, bringing to the stage his love of country, blues and bluegrass music. Last year he paid tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan; this year he has his sights on Alan Jackson. Mark also enjoys going to the movies, where he saw “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” during the holidays. In between movies and music, food is a favorite, especially foot-long chili dogs from Dairi-O.

But where Mark shines brightest is in his artwork. Instructors Erica White and Shannon Wolfe praise him for his focused concentration and growth as a visual artist. Mark particularly loves drawing, and is trying new methods in textiles and photography. These days he always wants to have his camera in hand. On photography field trips Mark has a unique ability to see and compose what others don’t. Currently Mark is creating a picture story of his best friend and fellow artist, Corey Williams, to be featured in our Masterpieces exhibit opening in March.

Meanwhile, catch Mark’s latest artwork - “Cosmic Planet” and “Colorful Eclipse” - in our upcoming exhibit, Space and Beyond, opening at Gateway Gallery on January 26.