RFP: Development of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Plan for TEC



TEC is seeking a consultant that we anticipate will work with us for a minimum of 12 months, in which the consultant will review current practices, meet with senior leadership & the Board of Directors, and facilitate internal discussion between and across all staff. Through partnership with TEC leaders, and the Director of HR & QA over DEI initiatives, the consultant will facilitate a comprehensive DEI plan to help us best engender a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and guide the integration of DEI principles into our culture and operations.


The Consultant will:

  • Conduct an equity-centered assessment of staff, BOD, participants and families to identify any current behaviors, processes, procedures, and practices that may be barriers to an inclusive and equitable workplace. In follow-up, design, develop, and collaborate with an identified TEC team to develop a comprehensive workplan aimed at improving employee engagement and cultural awareness. Must include metrics to monitor progression in response to this work.


  • Lead collaborative process to design DEI-centered value statements – or similar concepts – to serve as the foundation of DEI plan.


  • In response to the equity-centered assessment and the collaborative processes described above, the consultant will identify and/or facilitate educational and training opportunities/discussion organization-wide. Discussion and engagement opportunities should be aimed at centering all levels of TEC staff (i.e., management, leadership, and BOD)


  • Meet with the identified TEC DEI team no less than a monthly basis to monitor and track progress


Consultant Qualifications:


The consultant must have relevant and impactful experience working with public agencies and nonprofit sector organizations, developing DEI plans that respond effectively to internal, environmental, and political realities. Experience working with agencies that deliver impactful services in the areas of IDD and nonprofit is highly preferred. Additionally:


  • Must have at least 5 years of experience with work centered on bridging gaps in communication, building transparency, and inclusive decision making.


  • Focused experience diving into tough DEI subjects targeting intersectionality including generational differences, race/ethnicity, class, neurodiversity, etc.


  • MWBE owned/operated organization or consultant highly preferred


RFP Submission Requirements: 


Submissions should include the following details:


  • Fees – Include itemized cost estimates for the deliverables indicated above, including information about any hourly rates, stipends, or contract amount for the proposed consultants and any applicable fees. Also include a sample contract.
  • A description of your experience and approach of providing DEI planning services to similar agencies—a CV or resume would suffice


  • A description of your proposed process, including methods, procedures, and timeline for providing these services to TEC. Include a work schedule or timeline that identifies meetings, time frames for major work elements, target timeframes for key milestones and expectations for completion of a draft and final plan.


  • On a separate sheet, please provide the names and contact information for up three (3) references, preferably agencies or organizations for which you have recently provided similar services.


  • While TEC expects that there will be several forms of engagement including surveys and focus groups, TEC is looking for a proposed assessment structure within the proposal (be specific on the details).


  • Interested consultants will be required to submit their proposal incorporating all the requirements stated herein, along with any appendices, via email to jmondragon@enrichmentarc.org


Submission Deadline:

Submissions are due by 5:00 pm on February 12th, 2023. Selection and notification of award will be done by March 1, 2023.

Submit RFP response and questions via email to Jose Mondragon, Quality and Training Director, at jmondragon@enrichmentarc.org.

Note: TEC will not pay any costs associated with preparing proposals in response to this RFP.



Download a pdf version of this proposal here: DEI Request For Proposal 1.10.2023

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