Proud to Work

Rashaad Davis has been a member of The Enrichment Center’s family for the past seven years, participating in our Day Program. He especially loves art and dance classes. He’s extremely precise with his art, and dances with contagious passion. Through classroom, Gateway Gallery and performance experiences, Rashaad has developed confidence and a stronger sense of himself. With an attitude to “never give up” and “always find a way,” Rashaad not only excels – he inspires others to excel, too.

Last summer, Rashaad expressed a desire to get a job. He was ready to meet a new challenge head on! He began receiving employment services through The Enrichment Center’s Employment Gateway, to identify his hopes and dreams, assess his skills and find the perfect job match.

In February, the ideal job was secured and Rashaad began working at Forsyth Seafood Market & Café. Management comments that Rashaad’s focus on details is excellent. He’s very serious about his work performance, just like he is about his art performance. He values getting a paycheck, but more importantly, Rashaad exclaims that working makes him “proud.” And so does his artwork. Check out Rashaad’s latest creations in our current exhibition at Gateway Gallery – Shadows and Reflections.