A Profile of Courage

By Debbie Potts, Enrichment Center Job Coach

I have been working with a young man named Jonathan the past few months. We have been working on skills for employment and job searching.

Jonathan is an interesting and humorous guy. Jonathan wrestles with shyness in a heavy-weight championship kind of way. The biggest fear he has conquered was to approach employers and speak to them face to face. It was humbling to observe his courage and the intense look on his face the first time he went into a business to ask the manager about job opportunities. It took tremendous strength to overcome his fear, but he communicated his purpose effectively. An expression of triumphant victory appeared on his face! His resolve inspired me to face some of my own fears.

His hard work paid off with a job at Harris Teeter. He performs his responsibilities with speed and diligence. He grasped the techniques quickly and offers great support to his coworkers. Some team members have complimented him on his hard work and how amiable he is to everyone. He constantly remains busy and truly is courteous to everyone.

It may not be visible at first, but after a few minutes with Jonathan, you realize that behind his reserve is an intelligent, hard working and genuinely caring young man.