Ms. Gene's Turn

By Carla Green, Program Manager

In July 2015, Ms. Gene, 73, was granted individual innovation services that provide a person to work with her on individualized goals. Prior to receiving this one-on-one attention, Ms. Gene often didn't want to participate in activities, especially arts and crafts. 

Now that she has individualized help, Ms. Gene is happier and seems to enjoy arts and crafts. She is going out in the community more often to the mall and the YWCA. She has even asked staff to walk her around the building to visit with some of the staff and peers on the other side. 

I asked Gene what she likes about the one-to-one services, and she responded, “I like having someone to talk to and I like having someone to help me with things.” It is really rewarding to see Ms. Gene so happy and willing to participate.