Mr. Fearless

Jeff McDaniel loves The Enrichment Center. Described as “a place I adore to live and learn,” he definitely feels right at home.

While his favorite experience at The Enrichment Center is Life Skills with instructor Bob Stillwagoner, Jeff has also tried his hand at Art. He enjoys experimenting with tile painting, and always includes the color pink for cancer awareness. He’s excited to try pottery next because he wants to get his hands messy.

Jeff is very outgoing and loves to talk and socialize. He’s taking that passion out into the community, with plans to visit homebound seniors as a volunteer with Senior Services.

Recently Jeff performed an autobiographical poem and rendition of his favorite George Jones tune, dedicated to his special friend, Noelle. In his poem, Jeff emphatically stated that he fears NOTHING. Surrounded by staff he trusts, joined by friends he loves, and encouraged to express his genuine self – all in a place he calls home – Jeff is truly fearless!