The Fry Girl

Julie Mack is a culinary superhero. She’s known around The Enrichment Center as The Fry Girl. Why? She’s a whiz at frying – especially bacon. When asked the secret to frying bacon, Julie simply says, “Try not to eat it.”

Julie often helps with food service at art exhibition receptions and other events. More comfortable behind the scenes then out front on stage or in Gateway Gallery, Julie lends a hand whenever she can. Leslie Feaster, Culinary Arts Instructor, describes Julie as "a leader in the kitchen” who has earned the respect of other students.

This semester Julie is stepping out beyond the kitchen and trying some new classes, including computer skills, jewelry-making and dance. One thing that never changes is her favorite thing about The Enrichment Center – seeing her friends and hanging out with them.

In her free time Julie enjoys watching SpongeBob, shopping, and going to the movies. And her favorite food? Hot dog all the way…but hold the bacon.