Focused on Success

To say Cecelia Henry is multi-talented is truly an understatement. As one of the Artists of Gateway Studios, CeCe is a painter, potter, fused glass and mixed-media artist. She's also a prolific writer, regularly filling notebooks with her stories and poems. In fact, her poems are published in two collections from The Enrichment Center.

But that's not all -- CeCe also enjoys attending classes in Culinary Arts and Music at The Enrichment Center. Our Visual Arts Instructor, Erica White, marvels at CeCe's incredible focus and concentration -- characteristics that certainly contribute to her success as both an artist and life-long learner.

Don't miss CeCe's mixed-media piece (based on her favorite hymn) -- "Nothing But the Blood" -- on display in The Color of Sound at Gateway Gallery through September 15. To learn more about CeCe's life story please visit here.