Decorating Space and Time Beautifully

Art is how we decorate space. Music is how we decorate time.                        ~Jean-Michel Basquiat

Versatile. That's one word to describe artist Jonathan Lindsay. He's a talented painter and pianist. He's also a potter and fused-glass maker. And he's a bowler, swimmer and bocce player. And...a cook. Known for his intense attention to detail in everything he does, Jonathan is also fast -- fast to pick up new mediums and techniques, and fast to produce fabulous artwork.

A long-time member of the Enrichment Center Percussion Ensemble, Jonathon plays keyboards and is very dedicated to his music-making. He's also played hand drums and some virtual instruments. Music instructor Jonathan Wiseman says, "He can play anything, no matter how difficult."

But Jonathan's real passion is painting. His unique style of layering with color, pattern and words has a distinctive folk art quality, and he often focuses on themes of family and experiences in daily life. "Give him any subject and he can go with it to make a beautiful piece of artwork," observes art instructor Erica White.

And that's exactly what Jonathan Lindsay does -- decorates space and time beautifully.