Creating a Masterpiece

Corey Williams comes from a family of artists, but until she came to The Enrichment Center, Corey didn’t realize that she is an artist, too. And not just any artist -- she's an exceptional, multitalented artist! Corey excels in painting, pottery, sewing, and her newest venture – photography. Art class is her favorite, and she admires her “amazing” instructor, Erica White.

With training and encouragement at The Enrichment Center, Corey’s technique and self-confidence have progressed significantly. She’s very busy this holiday season, preparing artwork for display and sale at Gateway Gallery’s Buy Some Cheer, Associated Artists’ The More the Merrier, and the Krankies Craft Fair.

Corey says the best thing about being an artist is being able to really express herself. Plus, she enjoys selling her artwork to make some money!

Corey creates masterpieces…but she is the real masterpiece!