"Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse" by Adam Ploch

I knew the Total Solar Eclipse would be happening in the United States on August 21, 2017. I had no idea that I would be traveling with a group of my friends and a few staff to see it in totality. I found out about the eclipse trip when my Journalism Instructor, Caroline Boyd, told me about it. She even asked if I was interested in going on the trip and, as it turned out, I said yes. Before the trip took place, we had a visitor from Emergency Management to talk to us about safety during the eclipse.  Our visitor was Robert Reece, Emergency Management Coordinator/Operations Officer of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Emergency Management.

On August 20, we ventured out from The Enrichment Center in a large van heading to Lake Lure, North Carolina. Our destination was a log cabin where we had reservations for two nights. The cabin was very nice and I felt like I was at home. It was beautiful around the cabin. Early the next morning we headed off to Central, South Carolina. Our viewing site was Southern Wesleyan University in Central. There were food venders and fun activities including rock painting. I painted the total solar eclipse in totality on my rock. There was even live music.  Firefighters had their ladder suspended up and the water pump spraying water in the “cool zone” due to the extreme heat. As time passed, more and more people arrived. We had a nice picnic under some shade trees, while we prepared for the eclipse.

At the moment the eclipse began, I am sure we all were excited. I was ecstatic because I am really into anything that has to do with the universe. That morning while we were getting ready, I was very excited that it was eclipse day. At the moment of totality, the entire campus was quiet. Even the critters and the frogs were quiet. The eclipse in totality was amazingly incredible.

Later that day, we headed back to the cabin. We stopped for a treat of ice cream before we left South Carolina. We were so tired that we decided to eat dinner at a restaurant overlooking Lake Lure near our cabin. The following morning, we packed the van and headed back home to Winston-Salem. We stopped for lunch at a Wendy’s near Winston-Salem. I was tired, but I had a wonderful time. I have seen a Lunar Eclipse, but before I saw the Total Solar Eclipse, I had not seen a Solar Eclipse. Now that I have seen the Total Solar Eclipse, I would like to try to see the Annual Eclipse.

To see a video of Adam and other Enrichment Center participants viewing the total solar eclipse, please visit our Facebook video page here.