Artist Inside and Out

In High School, Adam Ploch decided he wanted to be a professional artist. After taking scores of art classes in school, Adam joined The Enrichment Center in 2011 and has honed his artistic skills ever since. Here he’s worked in pottery, drawing, painting, photograpy/digital media, and, most recently, pyrography. Not one to be tied down to any one particular medium, all have allowed him to improve his techniques and expand creatively.

Also a member of Associated Artists, Adam is passionate about creating art. He wears his signature paint shirt when creating, and claims enthusiastically, “I could be in the art studio all day long!” His experience is best described by a quote from the artist Keith Haring that Adam used recently in one of his art creations: “Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” Speaking of going further, selling artwork is especially nice, too, so check out Adam’s work in our upcoming exhibition, Furry Friends and More.

When not in the art studio, Adam enjoys playing computer games and writing. In fact, he has several novels in the works. Adam Ploch is a true artist, both inside and out!