Artists and Art Instructors

At The Enrichment Center, we value the creative process as a means of personal expression and achievement. Our artists produce one-of-a-kind masterpieces that represent their individual uniqueness. But the real masterpieces are the artists themselves! Meet some of them by clicking on their names below:

Sharon Campbell

Trip Collins

Rashaad Davis

Sue DeHart

Eric Gist

Cecelia Henry

Adam Lefevre

Jonathan Lindsay

Julie Mack

Mark Malcom

Noelle Nichols

Adam Ploch

Tyler Stoltz

Kalib Thomas

Lisa Vanhoy

Mimi Waldrep

Margie Waser

Alex Wilkinson

Corey Williams

John Zakon


And our talented art instructors are:

Stacy Hawks, Dance/Drama

Leslie Feaster, Culinary Arts

Susan Keiger, Pottery 

Erica White, Visual Arts 

Shannon Wolfe, Photography/Digital Media 

Zachery Wood, Music