The Enrichment Center

Temporary Hold on New Admissions



The Enrichment Center is delighted that numerous individuals continue to express interest in our services.   At this time, our main focus is on ensuring staffing for the current individuals that attend our day program.  The next priorities are those who have been with us in the past and are waiting to return after Covid.  We are constantly hiring and maintaining current services.


Due to challenges in staffing across the State and even nationally, we are finding it difficult to locate quality, qualified and trained staff to work with those we serve.  For that reason, we are temporarily placing a hold on all new admissions to services, except Vocational Rehabilitation.  We will continue to provide tours and take referrals and we are currently recruiting potential staff based on the needs of the referrals.  The timeframe to hire a staff for a new service is around 12 weeks. 


You can expect great things from The Enrichment Center as we offer even more opportunities for services to new families.  The referrals that we are receiving are for multiple services and our plan is to meet those needs.    We thank you for your understanding our current staffing situation.  


For those who have a referral in at this time and for those who tour in the future, we will continue to communicate with you concerning the status of your referral and contact each family to give them updates on possible admission. 


Thanks so much and feel free to reach out to Amy Stevens, Executive Director, if you have any additional questions.  Her email is .