Employment Gateway Spotlight on Daniel

This month, the Employment Gateway checked up on one of our success stories, Daniel Holthusen who works currently as a Front-End Loader at Lowe’s Home Improvement. We stole away Daniel for a minute of his break time to answer a few of our questions…

What is your favorite part of your job here at Lowe’s?

Working with a lot of different people in different areas, like the carts, garden, and lumber

Who do you work with on the job? What is your job here?

I work with the other Loaders, I get to help out. If someone is struggling to load something I can help them do it. I’ve liked the experience so far.

What do you like about the experience?

Well, the friendly people are great, people here care about me and it is a good company to work for.

Summer plans?

Working at Lowe’s, going to family graduations and my family reunion in Western North Carolina

Favorite Foods?  Hot dogs, hamburgers, salmon, and chicken

We are so glad Daniel is doing well, and enjoyed getting to catch up with him this past month.  I look forward to bringing you more success stories soon from the Employment Gateway!

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