A Caring Leader

Corey Williams has shown a great deal of enthusiasm and willingness to serve others, both here at the Enrichment Center as well as in our community.  As a Kiwanis Aktion Club member, she exemplified initiative and leadership to sponsor a family for the holidays.

Corey knew of a family in need and presented the idea of adopting this family for Christmas.  Thanks to her thoughtfulness and creativity, the Aktion Club had a drive to collect toys and other items and presented the family with a joyous Christmas that will be remembered for many holidays to come. 

Corey is also a wonderful team leader and advocate for other students at the Enrichment Center. When a student may be having a bad day, she is always the first one to lend a hand and to help them stay focused and motivated. She has been very successful in mentoring others. This so-called “buddy system” has been a great asset to students, encouraging and supporting them in more ways than one.